Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fabric Cowl

I found some time yesterday to do a little sewing, and with all the cool weather in Colorado recently, I decided to make a comfy fabric cowl.  A cowl is a scarf that has no end and is typically knit.  I chose linen and jersey materials to make it extra slouchy. 
The materials used were:

· 2 yards of jersey fabric   
(I chose purple)
· 2 yards of loose weave fabric
(I chose blue stripped linen)
· Coordinating thread
· Basic sewing supplies:
             Fabric Tape Measure

First, measure from the back of your neck down to your waist, in my case this was a total of 31” on one side.  Doubled this number  to represent the full size of the fabric tube - 62” for me.  Next, cut the linen 62” x 10” wide.  Then layer the linen on top of the jersey to cut  because the jersey can stretch when cutting, and you want to pieces that are the same size:

Next, cut the jersey fabric to the same size as the linen on top:

Then, sew both long sides and one short side, with the stripped fabric on top, so you can follow a stripe to keep the lines straight:

When finished three sides, turn the tube inside out and push the corners out to a point. Next, fold the raw edges of the last short side under, to create a nice finish.  Put the finished short end of the tube in the unfinished short end and pin, then sew along this edge, making sure to go through all layers of fabric. 
When done, it should look like this:
When you are done, put  the cowl around your neck with seam in the back then wrap around your neck one more time.  Now you have a beautiful, handmade fabric cowl! 


  1. this is the cutest chic-est thing ever!! making one today!! I will post pics too!!

  2. Looking absolutely lovely and warm! Love the colour combination too.